Whether it’s a launch, a new product, or marketing initiative, projects need managers. Otherwise you’re left wondering what’s getting done and what isn’t, blindsided by delays, with a budget that’s spiralling out of control like a level 5 hurricane. And your contractors are incommunicado.

You need someone to manage all those pieces for you.

The art and science of getting sh*t done

A project starts with a clear plan- the who, the what, the when. And moves forward by ensuring that progress is happening. It requires leadership to keep things on track, make decisions if priorities change, and monitor progress.

12 reasons why projects fail

  1. No clear vision or goal
  2. Changing direction mid project
  3. Conflicting priorities
  4. Unrealistic expectations
  5. No enough resources/people
  6. Poor communication
  7. Poor or no planning
  8. No clear methodology
  9. No clear understanding of project
  10. Scope change/creep
  11. No buy-in business owner
  12. Poor leadership

And how to avoid them

Use a project management tool: You can’t run a business in an inbox. Things get missed. We set up a project management tool that becomes the hub of your business operations. And ensure that all project tasks are set up and assigned with a due date.

Tracking progress: We’ll manage your team, checking in with each person before tasks due to make sure that everyone is making progress and offer assistance where they’re stuck. We ensure that your project doesn’t lose momentum and keeps going to the last step.

Keep your eye on the prize: Always looking ahead to deal with any delay you can see coming down the line vs one that pop up from nowhere and takes you off course

Test everything: We don’t get what we expect, we get what we inspect. We’ve heard horror stories of people launching with a buy button that doesn’t work. Test test and test again.

Keep up to date: As your project manager we’ll keep you apprised of the project progress on a regular basis, follow up on what’s on your plate and hold feet to fire. So you never have to ask these questions again:

  • What’s happening?
  • What’s not happening?
  • What’s moving ahead and what isn’t?
  • What’s completed?
  • What’s stuck?
  • Where are the bottlenecks?

Projects we can help you with

  • Launches
  • Product development
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Recruitment
  • Creating SOP guides

Projects need managers