Payroll and Management

Hennok provides expert payroll management along with the administration. We at Hennok respond to various requests for payroll assistance and management from clients across the UK and Europe.
Our payroll services and payroll management meet the requirements of small businesses who do not have an in-house facility through to large enterprise who prefer to outsource the complete payroll function rather than employ specialist staff. By outsourcing your payroll, you do not need a costly specialist team. Instead, you have money-saving access to our experts and knowledge base when you need it.

French payroll is considered the most complex payroll in Europe. Outsourcing to a dedicated French payroll service company will help you reduce costs and minimise risk and liability.

Payroll Services France for Employers

  • Registration with the French Tax Office.
  • Registration with the NSSO (National Social Security Office).
  • Application of the Special Expatriation Status (if applicable).
  • Calculation of Monthly Salary and Creation of Pay slips.
  • Submitting of Wage Tax Returns and Forms for National Insurance.
  • Correspondence with Involved Parties.
  • Annual Accounts, Administration and Year End Statements.
  • Creating Payment Schedule for Wage Tax, National Insurances and Net Wages.
  • Personal Income Tax Returns.