You’re juggling too many balls, spinning too many plates and wearing WAY too many hats. With so many moving parts, running your business can sometimes feel like you have to work 24/7 just to stay afloat.

80% of business owners work nights and weekends

Not what you had in mind

Between your client work, your business and your family, there’s very little time left for yourself. Maybe you worked 60 hour weeks in your corporate job and decided to strike out on your own so you can have more time for the things you love. But the reality is that you are now working most evenings and weekends too. A survey by Fundera revealed that over 80% of business owners work nights and weekends. Not exactly what you signed up for.

Part of the challenge is figuring out what kind of help you need. But for that you’d have to take a pause and actually think about what you need, and who you need to have on your team to help you carry the load. No time for that you have clients to attend to. And once again working on your business takes a back seat. (sigh)

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

Your growth team

You can have a business partner to run alongside you as you build your business. Someone to help you keep on track and in action.

Have a sounding board for your ideas so you can turn more of them into reality with your weekly strategy sessions.

Grow your team without hiring multiple contractors. Get access to a Business Manager, a Virtual Assistant, a Podcast Editor, a Video Editor and a Copywriter. We have a pool of skilled VAs who have masters degrees and our content creators have 5+ years of experience.